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INSPIRATION – Vertical Lunchbox

Via Designboom

I really dig this vertical lunchbox design by Japanese design firm Metaphys

Most lunchbox are designed to lay flat. As a result, whenever it’s tilted, contents that aren’t perfectly packed tend to roll around and cause a mess.

Instead, this lunchbox is a series of narrow, vertical containers designed to slide easily into any bag. (and check out the adorable collapsible chopsticks!)

I wonder how much space is wasted by the separations. While I can see how this would be ideal for a Japanese-style bento (rice + toppings + salad… tiny pieces of things) I wonder how an “american style” lunch would cope. Apples and sandwiches… Everything would need to be sliced into tiny pieces, I guess!

It’d be great if you could be separate middles… add vertical space as required! Perhaps you can, I can’t tell from a brief glance.

Great concept, beautiful design.

[update] Oh! look what just popped up on Lifehacker! (Tiffinbox) very clever.

Posted: January 17th, 2011
Categories: Inspiration
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