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Early Experiments with Arduino

I picked up a great Arduino starter kit from Maker Faire in June. This is something that I’ve been wanting to experiment with every since I first heard about it (which I think was only a few months ago). I have some good theory under my belt from Engineering, and some good programming experience, but I this post documents my very first interaction with Arduino ever!

This is the kit that I got:

A pretty good kit, I think, it comes with all of the necessary components for a good batch of experiments (including motors and actuators), and the booklet has good beginner experiments to follow. The booklet is what I’m using for the rest of this post.

(It comes with stickers! Things are looking up)

Step one is to attach everything down to its holder assembly. The breadboard is easy, comes with and adhesive backing, but unfortuntely I got a bit happy with it and it’s too close for the bolt to sit in its intended location.



EVERYONE STAY CALM this is nothing I can’t fix!! I just used some alternate bolt-hole locations and it’s secured down just fine. I wish these bolts were a *bit* longer, but it works fine :)

Next step is to download the software. (The website is adorable!)

The instructions were very much required at this part, I wouldn’t have been able to fumble my own way through installing these drivers, I think, but the instructions were very clear and I got it done.

OK, first project time!!
Blinking LED… basic enough :) :)

Blinking lights are truly the 'hello world' of Arduino!

Blinking lights are truly the 'hello world' of Arduino!

First project success!! Played around a bit with changing the pins, setting the LED to different brightness, and even played with the fade program. Also confirmed my suspicion that the 2 pin diodes in the diagram were only there to hold the paper down! >:| not cool, that is way confusing! (not punching through the paper anyway, that is for lame-os.)

Next project involving eight LEDs.

When I plugged in the arduino again, pin 9 was blinking with my old code! New code worked like a charm – very satisfying to have something work the first time! :)
Wrote my own little program to make the lights blink two by two.

Finished off the evening by getting a little motor to spin.

All in all I think this is a very promising start. I know I’m very late to the Arduino game, but it’s exciting and fun and I’m looking forward to working with this platform.

Posted: October 15th, 2011
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