Angela May

Exploring Product Design


CAREER FOCUS: Product Design Engineer with a focus in sustainable technologies. I am currently a product design consultant in Vancouver, BC.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from UBC, 2007.

  • Continuing Education Courses in: Industrial Design, Data Visualization, Financial Statement Analysis


  • Parametric Solid Modeling – Primarily in Solidworks (4+ years), but also in Inventor and Rhino
  • Design for Manufacturing – Detailed drawings for manufacture, and liaising with overseas suppliers for CNC machining, vacuum casting, injection moulding, laser cutting and sheet metal bending.
  • Test Rig Design – Design of test rigs, test pieces and experiments for cutting edge research, primarily in the area of microfluidics.
  • Rapid Prototyping – hands-on skills for prototyping including 3D printing and laser cutting.
  • Project Management – Coordination of local and overseas resources, team lead on multiple projects and client liaison.
  • Technical Research – Thorough exploration and synthesis of information to create reports detailing the ’state of the art’.
  • Technical Writing and Presentation Skills – Expert-level experience with entire Microsoft Suite and most of the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere)

2012 – Current – I’m a mechanical product design engineer for a design consultancy. In the past few years I’ve…

  • Led multiple cutting-edge research projects on microfluidic behaviour for fuel cells, including the design of several test rigs, test pieces and test procedures.
  • Created a laser-cut and 3D printed internet-of-things device that reacts live to tweets.
  • Prototyped a smartphone-enabled blood pressure monitor.
  • Prototyped a skype enabled telepresence robot that uses resonant wireless power transfer technology to recharge.
  • Designed a LittleBit-powered mechanism to be displayed at the store at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA – New York).
  • Created a calculator to select an optimal motor for an electric bike.
  • Researched power-harvesting technologies to enable remote power monitoring stations.
  • Researched advanced automated greenhouse technologies and cohousing communities currently operating worldwide.

2012 – For eight months, I was the primary design engineer for an industrial technology startup.

  • Designed scrubber systems for the waste-to-energy incineration sector and coal-fired power plants
  • Created models of the entire system using Solidworks
  • Created detailed drawings for manufacture
  • Worked with vendors to source quotes and complete proposals
  • Hands-on testing of prototype systems
  • Hands-on maintenance work at pilot-scale facility

2009 – For six months I accepted a temporary position as a maintenance engineer in Mission, BC.

  • Performed failure analysis, technical inspections, design calculations, part sourcing
  • Provided technical support during maintenance overhauls
  • Wrote technical reports.
  • Visited seven different generation facilities throughout the lower mainland.

2008 – For four years I worked as a mechanical engineer in the Industrial Energy Efficiency Sector.

  • Program Lead for the Pump System Optimization and Fan and Blower System Optimization initiatives.
  • Expert on the topics of Fan and Pump System efficiency
  • Project managed all of the Fan-and-Pump-related activities, as well as Water/Wastewater and opportunities in the Chemical and Cement Sectors
  • Write educational and marketing documents
  • Research energy efficiency opportunities,
  • Coordinate events where I frequently am asked to speak on behalf of the organization.
  • Visit customer sites throughout British Columbia

2007 – I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After which I took a long cross-Canada road trip before entering the workforce!

I have had three “intern”/”co-op” positions throughout my University experience.

In 2006, I worked for 4 months at a Foundry/Manufacturer of Municipal Water Pipe fittings and saddles in Surrey, BC.

  • Junior product design engineer
  • Created new product designs in Solidworks
  • Worked with local manufacturers to create prototypes.
  • Performed failure analysis, routine product testing (pressure testing, limited sample non-destructive testing)
  • Created drawings for parts that had failed in the foundry.

In 2005, I worked for 8 months at a Nuclear Boiler Feedwater Pump design firm in Burnaby, BC.

  • Verified that non-standard designs complied with ASME standards.
  • Performed failure analysis, finite element analysis, and design using AutoCAD Inventor.

For 4 months in 2003, I was an intern at a Cement Plant in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

  • Supported both the Electrical and Mechanical maintenance departments.
  • Created elevation diagrams of all the Motor Control Centers in the plant using AutoCAD.
  • Re-wrote maintenance procedures to comply with a new digital system

Since 2001 I’ve worked independently as a cartoonist

  • Paid to complete illustrations for clients from around the world.
  • Created posters for plays, design sketches from which miniature figurines were manufactured, art used on product packaging, gifts, video game concept art, illustrations of poems, and profile illustrations used on websites and business cards.
  • Maintained a webcomic since 2004, now receives over 10,000 unique visitors per day
  • Self-published three books and had works featured in numerous anthologies, magazines and other publications.

I am a dual citizen (Canada/US) and am fluent in both English and French.

In my spare time I like to ski, downhill mountain bike, write, take photos, travel, and dream.

If you are interested in a traditional resume, or any other information, you can contact me directly.