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June 2010

Inspiration – Moss Roundup

I’m really into moss as a decorative element.  While I think I need to look closer into how moss behaves indoors (can it cause mold and other ickyness to form? Can it grow and spread beyond these lovely little containers?) there’s just something about the way moss blankets the natural environment – especially here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s comforting.

This Moss Carpet designed by La Chanh Nguyen uses drippings from the shower to sustain itself. Great use of what is otherwise wasted water. I wonder how moss in the shower itself would behave? (Or is that a terrible idea…)

Could also be combined with this novel umbrella holder concept…

The moss in this glass table is apparently dried and not actualy living, but I still really enjoy the look. Credit for design goes to “Ayohyatra” but I can’t get their site to load.

Kind of want to try my hand at making some moss myself to see what it can do!

Posted: June 24th, 2010
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Inspiration – Bac Sac

I’m really interested in urban gardening, and so I love this “put it anywhere and grow anything” modular concept from Bac Sac.

I think the ones that hang off the railing are my favourite.

The bags themselves are very handsome, and I like the earthy/raw canvas look

Posted: June 23rd, 2010
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